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The Fascination Of Coin Collecting

As people traveled and traded across continents they would exchange coins. People are always intrigued by the different, and some collected coins. Not just those made of precious metals but those that had unusual designs or from exotic locations.

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Silver Eagle Coins

A Silver Eagle Starts Soaring

Along with golden Canadian Maple Leafs, American Gold Eagles and South African Krugerrands, Silver Eagles are easily one of the most recognized and popular bullion coins in the world.

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Silver coin bag

Why collect silver coins?

Coin collecting is something man has done since the Lydians invented currency back around 640 BC. This is not just about hoarding money for its own benefit.

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Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Collecting

Morgan Silver Dollar

The fabled Morgan silver dollar is a very dangerous coin.

It is one of the most treasured and admired coins ever minted in the US. Aficionados and dedicated coin collecting groups all over the world seek them out.

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