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half dollar coin

Why Collect The Half Dollar

Half a dollar right – 50 cents – or, “a half,” for short – no big deal you might think, but the United States Mint half dollar has one of the greatest stories of all American coinage.

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what is the morgan dollar value

Morgan Dollar Value

No doubt about it – there is nothing more thrilling than finding something out about the coin you just bought that you didn’t know – taking your Morgan dollar value higher than you thought.

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Morgan silver dollar value

What’s a Morgan silver dollar worth?

From a collecting point of view, this is THE key take away. The market will never be diluted by more Morgan silver dollars. A clear, but often overlooked, element to consider. Simple supply and demand is at play here.

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The Fascination Of Coin Collecting

As people traveled and traded across continents they would exchange coins. People are always intrigued by the different, and some collected coins. Not just those made of precious metals but those that had unusual designs or from exotic locations.

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