Gold coins for sale

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Gold Coins For Sale

Golden years

We have long looked on gold as silver’s older brother.

It’s seen as far more grown-up and sophisticated – and with good reason.

Gold is far more valuable per ounce than silver. It is a highly regarded metal in its own right, especially for jewellery – although it does have some limited industrial applications.

It’s price makes it unviable for all but the highest value usages.

It’s most common use though is for investment.

Gold has held its value across 4000 years of history. Its worth has risen exponentially – and because of this, gold bullion is held on reserve in all of the world’s major central banks to pin up the value of their economies.

Collecting pure gold coin is a fantastic way to invest in precious metals – and US gold coins, both old and new, are very collectable and sought after.

Pure gold coins are, of course, expensive. But they are a compressed form of savings account which will shield you from the effects of inflation and provide a way of surviving emergencies, downturns in the economy, and other financial shockwaves.

It is possible to buy gold coins from bank branches, but gold coin sales are usually made through brokers – there are even gold coins for sale on eBay. 1-ounce coins for sale are the most common, but gold coins prices need to be watched closely – there are no free gold coins!

1 oz gold coins for sale are the most popular type of coin that collectors are after.

What’s out there?

The US has a long history of producing solid gold coins – old gold coins for sale are relatively common – with some notable exceptions. Canada, South Africa and Australia have also been prolific producers of gold coins over the years.

The numismatic bullion coins are – because of their rarity – far more valuable than just their gold content. Market forces will always determine a gold coins value. 

The American Gold Eagle coin, The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin, the South African Gold Krugerrand coin, and the Australian Gold Kangaroo are eminently collectable and have a constant demand – so the market for these is very liquid. There are also some more obscure kinds like the American Gold Buffalo coins – these kinds of coins are a bit more specialist – so not only are they more difficult to find – but they are also more difficult to sell.

There is a huge international market for gold coins but collectors tend to stick to their own countries currencies as it is difficult to import and export gold without licences and complicated paperwork.

Luckily, in the United States, the United States Mint has produced some incredible coins which are extremely popular. 

The good old US Mint

The US Mint has produced gold bullion coins as $1, $2.50, $5, $10, and $20 pieces in the US.

Aside the one dollar coins – which are just known as type 1, 2, and 3 – the other gold coinage is known by specific names.

The $2.50 are known as quarter eagles. There are liberty quarter eagles and Indian quarter eagles.

The five dollar gold coins are known as half eagles. Again there are liberty half eagles and Indian half eagles.

The $10 gold coins are known as eagles. These were only produced as Indian eagles.

The $20 gold coins are known as double eagles. There are liberty double eagles and the Saint-Gaudens double eagles – these are named after the engraver who designed this particular coin.

Of these the $10 gold eagle coins are probably the most popular. $10 was the equivalent of $100 bill today. It was never a common coin of exchange – but one that was used infrequently ,for large purchases and as a medium of saving.

Because of this, the condition of these coins is usually much better than the lower denomination coins which were often used in day-to-day transactions and suffered wear and tear, and damage, as a result. There are some fabulous examples of such gold American eagle coins out there.

As always with coins which purport to be bullion – check out their provenance and buy them from a reputable, checkable, and verifiable source.

Spending a great deal of money on something which turns out to be fake is not going to “make your day – your month – or even your year …”

Charles Thorngren

Charles Thorngren

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